Adventure Tour

The Adventure Tour

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Our Adventure Tour can be up to a 6 part tour, weather & tide permitting. Bring your  towels, hats, sunblock, and sense of adventure, to enjoy a half day that is all yours! 

Snorkel Dives & Conch Garden:
Eleuthera, Bahamas has some of the
most beautiful waters, reef and fish around.
Jump in and take a dive, you never know what you might see, including a plane crash sight! You get to feed fish right out of your hand! Visit our very own Conch Garden.
Enjoy fresh conch salad prepared on board!

Reef Fishing:
Its time to catch a big one!
Troll for Jacks, Yellow Tail, Mutton Fish and
barracuda around the Atlantic side of
Windermere Island.
You never know what you might see;
dolphins or Mariah Carey!​ (weather permitting)

Beach Stop: (additional charge)
Split up your day with a beach stop.
Here you can feel the sand in your feet,
enjoy a cold one and get a belly full!
Hamburgers & hotdogs over a campfire grill. Kalik, Rum Punch, Water, Chips and don't forget Marshmallows. 
(with possible catch of the day)




Turtle Chase:
In Savannah Sound, Eleuthera, you will
encounter beautiful Hawksbills,
Loggerheads and Green Turtles.
Measure and record data for research, take your picture, catch a kiss and let them back into their habitat.

Mangrove & Spearfishing:
Join us for the wild and crazy experience and the trill of the hunt. You will chase the fish into the mangroves as they try to escape your wrath, with spear in hand.
Run down some of the biggest snappers and mutton fish that fill Savannah's Sound.
(Tide permitting)